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Fish Stories - 1999

Loose fish shaped pages, painted on one side, including a Flounder with a human head, a mermaid wedding, me underwater surrounded by fish and more tall tales. Housed in a creel shaped silk and faux leather lipped clamshell box, decorated with a fishing lure.

16.5" wide X 6" high



Language of the Glove - 1999

Hand shaped painted pages, bound into a concertina with Ladies' cotton glove covers. One side of the glove describes the action of the glove, the other side tells the message the action sends. Text from a Victorian etiquette handbook. Housed in a silk covered clamshell box.

10" wide X 4.75" high



Purgatory - The Soul Alone - 1999

A shadow book concertina. Ink painted on paper. Painted paper covers. Issued in a cloth covered clamshell box.

4 5/8 " wide X8 5/8" high



Hell's Carousel - 1999

A Merry-Go-Round of Bad Behavior, 1999 Acrylic ink on paper, bound in a tent shaped, concertina "stick" binding.

Folded dimensions - 5" wide x 8" high,
Displayed dimensions - 10.5" circle x 8" high