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Sketch Book - Ephemera Sketch Books

These books are available depending on how much printing we've been doing and how much flotsam we've been producing. But, they are recycled paper with odd printed bits tucked into the plastic velo-binding.
6" wide X 9" high




raven brings you flowers

Handpainted linoleum blocks. Four cards faces shown in image. 

$4 each 6 for $20



Mystic Cards of Fortune

Linoleum block prints on French Paper's chipboard. The instructions are digitally printed on red paper. Edition of 200 decks, issued in a lidded box with a card label. 




Raven brings you hearts, cupcakes and letters

Handpainted linoleum block prints. Four card faces shown in this image. 

$4 each 6 for $20



Woodpecker Valentine

Handcolored Linoleum print. Printed on white paper with a red envelope.

$4 each 6 for $20




Little dolls and animals made in the tradition of German cotton ornaments. Please contact us for specific designs. We also accept suggestions and requests.

$30-50 each